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The five best moments from American Horror Story: Coven [SPOILERS]


So it’s done. The thirteen episodes of American Horror Story‘s third season have all aired, and we’re left to pick through the wreckage left behind by wild plot-twists and insane characters.

I reviewed each episode as it happened, and throughout I’ve been very impressed overall with just how much fun this series has been. It was the first that I’ve watched by broadcast, rather than binging on whole series at a time, and it is a very different way of consuming TV.

One of the best things about this show is its bravery. It goes to places that other shows just wouldn’t dare. Even Game of Thrones, with its infamous disregard for the wellbeing of its characters, hasn’t had half of the off the wall moments that American Horror Story has over the same number of seasons.

This was not an easy task, but I’ve boiled down the third series to my five favourite moments. There are countless others I could have included, and viewing American Horror Story: Coven from start to finish is highly recommended. It isn’t perfect, but it gets a lot closer than most modern TV series manage. AHS, as always, goes where others fear to tread.

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Top 5 episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

star trek deep space nine

Of all the four children of Gene Roddenberry’s original Star Trek series (yes, we do have to count Enterprise), Deep Space Nine is my favourite. Sorry, I’ll get my coat.

But really, whilst The Original Series and The Next Generation were off exploring strange new worlds, DS9 was exploring something much more interesting: human nature. Yes, all of Star Trek has done this — hell, it’s what all good science fiction should doDS9 did it in much greater depth.

I think that’s largely down to the setting. Being on a space station, they were stuck. Unlike the various ship-based series, the DS9 crew couldn’t float off at the end of each episode, to ruin someone else’s shit the next week. If they made a mess — which they often did — then they had to sit in it.

And that meant that the themes and the stories were bolder, braver. From the strains of religion running through the entire series, to the brutally devastating Dominion war storyline of the last two seasons — which bizarrely the studio only wanted to last six episodes.

So here’s the run down. My five favourite episodes of my favourite Star Trek series.

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