vida mansfield

On the Milton ward local election hustings: how the candidates fared


So on Thursday night the Castle Dent contingent headed down the road to the St Mark’s Centre, on Princes Street, to hear the candidates for Milton ward at the local council elections set out their stalls.

In all the various places I’ve lived, this is the first time I’ve attended an election debate where I can actually vote for the participants (Not technically true: there was a hustings for the Police & Crime Commissioner elections, but given the glorified farce that they turned out to be, they don’t really count -Ed). So it was probably more exciting for me than basically anyone else.

As a little experiment, I decided I’d try and record the hustings themselves. Armed with a cheap dictaphone, I rocked up, asked permission, and set it recording. The results you can hear for yourself, but I’m pretty impressed with them.

But this blog is about the hustings themselves, not my audio-recording expertise (Pah! -Ed), so how did each of the candidates do.

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