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Guardians of the Galaxy – A Review

guardians of the galaxy

A lot has already been said about Guardians of the Galaxy, and I myself have already declared it as Marvel’s lifting-the-trophy-aloft, we-can-do-whatever-we-want-now moment.

That was intended as a look at the near-unassailable position Marvel has achieved to be able to make a financial success of such an obscure property as Guardians of the Galaxy, but I think my opinion of the film snuck through nonetheless. Yep, I enjoyed this film. Actually, I loved it. It was, from start to finish, a fun, funny romp.

So rather than this being is the film good, it’s going to be why the film is good.

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Recall, for a moment, the Matrix trilogy. The Matrix: the surprise sensation, edgy, punchy and full of exciting ideas. Then, The Matrix Reloaded; weary, cumbersome, overloaded with exposition and half-explained mythology. Finally, The Matrix Revolutions; better than Reloaded, not as good as The Matrix, but by which point everybody had stopped caring.

And if that seems an odd way to start a review of Riddick, consider the path the series has taken so far. Pitch Black (subsequently retitled The Chronicles of Riddick: Pitch Black); a low-budget, character-driven bruiser of a science-fiction/horror, with a gloriously rendered antihero. The Chronicles of Riddick; a camped-up sequel, buckling under the weight of its own laboured mythology.

It’s not quite as dire as The Matrix‘s fall from grace, but still. Whilst it had its good moments (and let’s not forget, so did The Matrix Revolutions) CoR was not a good film.

Fortunately, director David Twohy seems to have realised where CoR went wrong, and has offered up Riddick (The Chronicles of Riddick: Riddick?) as a more back-to-basics move.

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