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Why is this Tory councillor standing in both Epping Forest and Wales?

gavin chambers endorsement

A while ago I had a brush with a local (Ish -Ed) Tory, whose Twitter activity displayed all the hallmarks of a troll. Attacks out of nowhere? Check. Aversion to facts? Check. Blocked me when I wouldn’t be intimidated? Check.

Despite deciding that poverty and homelessness (Made worse by the policies of the Conservative government -Ed) was spoiling his idyllic seaside holiday home and threatening to move to Leigh, Gavin Chambers had threatened to make a special effort to campaign against me in Blenheim Park. Like the rest of his party, I’ve seen barely anything of him, so it looks like it was an empty threat.

Except, a little bird brings me news that it could be that Mr Chambers is busy standing for election himself, in two different countries…

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