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The Lego Movie – A Review

the lego movie

Lego, as a toy, is possibly the most genius idea of the last half-century. A bold claim, perhaps, but hands up who played with coloured blocks and yellow-faced men as a kid?

Thought so.

My own childhood is a patchwork of bizarre constructions. I recall saving my pocket money, as young as six, to go down to the toy shop of a Saturday and purchase another small addition to my pool of materials. A bucket of bricks could amuse me for hours.

But as a film? I don’t know… I’m sketchy of the rules surrounding films based on toys — they certainly aren’t as inescapable as the rule that dooms all video-game-to-film ventures — but Michael Bay’s Transformers films can hardly be seen as a good omen.

(Though, actually, that’s no different to every other Michael Bay film, so perhaps it is unfair to heap the blame at Transformers’ door.)

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