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Guardians of the Galaxy – A Review

guardians of the galaxy

A lot has already been said about Guardians of the Galaxy, and I myself have already declared it as Marvel’s lifting-the-trophy-aloft, we-can-do-whatever-we-want-now moment.

That was intended as a look at the near-unassailable position Marvel has achieved to be able to make a financial success of such an obscure property as Guardians of the Galaxy, but I think my opinion of the film snuck through nonetheless. Yep, I enjoyed this film. Actually, I loved it. It was, from start to finish, a fun, funny romp.

So rather than this being is the film good, it’s going to be why the film is good.

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Star Trek Into Darkness – A Review [SPOILERS]

star trek into darkness

WARNING: this review contains spoilers. I don’t usually write spoilery reviews, and indeed I thought long and hard about how to make this spoiler-free. But in the end I decided that the vague semi-references which would result from the necessary critical acrobatics just weren’t worth it.

So if you haven’t seen the film, and have thus far remained unspoilt and virginal, then don’t read any further than this.

Or do. Whatever; I don’t really care. But you have been warned.

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