Yvette Cooper – We have a responsibility to change the world

We can’t just luxuriate in our own righteousness out on the side lines. That’s not a luxury the most vulnerable in Britain can afford. It’s not enough to be angry at the world. We’re the Labour Party, we have a responsibility to change the world or what’s the point of us at all.

This is the most Prime Ministerial any of the Labour leadership candidates have looked in the contest thus far. This is what a brave, but very necessary speech looks like. This is principle.

This is why I am voting for Yvette Cooper.

A Babadook postscript

I reviewed Australian indie horror film The Babadook last week, and I rather liked it. Since then it has been pointed out to me that the short film which formed the basis for the feature film, Monster, (both from director Jennifer Kent) is available free to view on Vimeo. You can watch it above.

It isn’t as good, I would say, as The Babadook, but Monster contains some of its most effective themes in a more stripped down, simplified, prototype version. As with Mama — another feature adapted from a short — it is telling that these concepts are being explored first by their directors in a shorter format, before being expanded to full length. Using both of these two examples, it does seem to be an effective approach.